WTH has he gone and done now!

The US has carried out a missile attack against an air base in Syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town. The Pentagon said 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired at 04:40 Syrian time (01:40 GMT) from destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean.

President Trump branded Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a “dictator” who had “launched a horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians”. BBC

What now?
How does this affect US/Russian relations?
How does this help in the fight against Islamic State?

This has all the hallmarks of ‘Iraq style’ CIA Intelligence gathering.
i.e. It’s too fast and probably based on supposition.
That and 59 Tomahawk missiles for one airbase looks like overkill.

I can’t help wondering if this is an example of inexperience on the part of an administration already under attack for it’s foreign policy.

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9 Responses to WTH has he gone and done now!

  1. Brittius says:

    Christ Almighty.

  2. nuge67 says:

    Overkill? I say it is a statement. A statement saying, the USA no longer has a spineless pussy as a POTUS.
    If there i one thing I am sure of, President Trump consulted his military leaders, and followed their best scenerio to make a statement. And hopefully destroy the illegal chemical weapons our former spineless waste of space POTUS assured us were gone. A statement saying, “red line crossed” . Statement saying, the Pussy POTUS is gone.

    • What worries me that such action was taken so fast by the same military leaders (probably using the fairy tale intellegence that is a speciality of the CIA) that are flooding Europe because of Russian Aggression. Does anyone actually want WW3?

      Besides that, what makes the CIA so damn sure those weapons (if they exist) are all stored at one site?

      After all their track record regarding WMD’s is well less than stellar.

      • nuge67 says:

        what do you mean “if they exit?” . Was it fairy dust from heaven that killed those innocent Syrian Children? And not WMD’s?

        Now on WMD’s,. We saw in 03, weapons getting funneled into Syria, from Iraq. Which is why we didn’t find any there. Like a bunch of idiots, we sat on the Iraq border, warning them, we would invade. Giving them time to funnel the weapons to Syria.
        Later in the 2000’s this info came out as factual. Iraqs chemical weapons went to Syria.
        So was the CIA wrong?


        Now just this past January that useless pussy Obama, told us Syria no longer has chemical weapons.
        well Pussy boy Obama, the blood of those baby’s and children is on your hands, and is your legacy. Obama’s legacy is that he is a pussy.

      • OK, I read you, except here is something for you to think about from a UK political view.

        An SAS mission to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons in 2013 was axed at the last minute by UK’s David Cameron. The former Tory PM and his Cabinet pulled the plug because it was feared half the elite force could be killed or injured.

        So if they had gone in, 2013, this may not have happened.

        Pussy’s are NOT exclusively ganga smoking politicians with dubious passports and backgrounds my friend. They crop up everywhere in the political theatre.

        There is also the other thing of note.
        Another CIA fairy story and it involved Iraq.
        With the dubious reporting by the CIA of WMD’s. Our two countries went to war on a lie.
        That was Bush baby and Teflon coated (nothing sticks) Tony Blair.

        A GCHQ buddy once said, If the CIA start the conversation with “Good morning”, after Iraq, he not only looked at his watch but went outside to check

  3. nuge67 says:

    Like I said above, it was not a lie. Iraq hid the weapons in Syria. We learned this later, and before Syria used them the 1st time.
    I’m looking at it from an American point of view, as no matter the conflict, we supply 90% of the money, and 95% of the men.
    There is no other way for me to look at it.

    • nuge67 says:

      It’s my friends children who end up doing the fighting. I don’t take this lightly, and I don’t take slowly killing baby’s with chemical weapons lightly either.
      Your people MAY have played a part, but it was our last POTUS who was the true failure here, and those childrens blood is on his hands.

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