If this doesn’t ring alarm bells nothing will.

The Russian Defence Ministry has denied reports in US media that the line of communication with the US in Syria remains open.

A statement says that today a note was sent to the Pentagon from the Russian Defence Ministry through military-diplomatic channels, informing them of the termination of the “hotline” communication channels established by the 2015 memorandum. (BBC)

If you don’t talk, you can’t resolve problems.
If you don’t talk, you’re left with imagination (which the CIA have a lot of), anger (as seen in the UN), and an escalation of the situation usually in the form of retaliation.

Thus:- Russia has suspended a joint air safety agreement and deployed S-400 and S-300 anti-missile complexes for its military bases in Syria.

Whilst I don’t agree with trusting everyone, to anger the Russians this much so that they are now deploying anti missile screens in Syria, which the world (let alone the US) have no answer for, is pretty damn stupid.

After all those and other Russian systems can be configured to not only take out missiles but also the launch platforms. What would be the price of a US ship destroyed? WW3?


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One Response to If this doesn’t ring alarm bells nothing will.

  1. Russians have been selling and deploying advanced anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria for years. As soon as the Russians turned them over the Israeli’s have generally destroyed them. In the last few years (after extensive talks with the Israelis) the Russians deployed them all over again but did not turn them over to the Syrians. It is highly likely the low hit rate on the Syrian airbase was due to Russian defenses already in place.

    So, much of that threat is warning they will do what they have already done…

    From the Russian perspective, this isn’t that bad a deal. US strikes on Syrian assets bring promises of more air cover/defenses which means the Russians can get more money out of the Iranians who are (directly or indirectly) bankrolling their operations in Syria just as they are Hezbollah and the Syrians. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some new deal between a Russian company and the Iranians, for some project they really don’t need, announced in the next few weeks. It also helps refocus Russian public attention away from the anti-Putin protests and the crackdown on the opposition and back on the threats to the motherland that Putin uses so effectively.

    Trumpette is probably pretty happy about the attention diversion too, as the confirmation of Gorsuch (and the tactics required), a really bad jobs report and all the talks about links to Russia have gone unnoticed. The use of chemical weapons has been a big deal for the left in this country now they are left tongue tied as the president they hate so much did what they could not get the president they loved so much to do…

    I would be willing to bet the communication protocols were severed and promptly reestablished with slightly different something or other. The Russians have no more cause to want to have (another) plane shot down by any of the myriad of nations flying over Syrian airspace than we do. They might use this to “green light” some sort of an incident to test the capabilities of US aircraft against some of their newer planes. That might be something wort losing a plane and pilot over.

    In general, this was an militarily ineffective response to send a message to Syria, Russia, Iran, China and (mostly) North Korea that Obama (Chamberlain Jr.) is gone and someone else has the reigns. I think the ineffectiveness was by design (I hope) to avoid serious provocation.

    With all that said, do I agree with the strike? No

    Does it scare the crap out of me that it could seriously escalate? Yup (less so as time passes, if the Russians were really going to escalate in a really aggressive manner it would have already happened).

    God bless

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