TV news asks

Stockholm lorry attack: Are vehicles becoming new terror weapon of choice?
Asks ITV television in the UK.

Only once again they aren’t doing their homework.
To help those poorly educated journalists,
Vehicles used as weapons, for criminal acts, and terrorism has been around for quite some time. (ref Wiki).

  1. 1981 Iraqi embassy bombing, Beirut-Lebanon not ramming pedestrians (ramming a specific building then exploding)
  2. 1983 Beirut barracks bombings, Lebanon (building ramming + exploding)
  3. 2001 Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly car bombing (building gate ramming + exploding + gunfire)
  4. 2002 Lyon car attack, France (building ramming + fire)
  5. 2006 UNC SUV attack, University of North Carolina, United States (ramming people)
  6. 2007 Glasgow International Airport attack, Scotland (building ramming + detonating gas cylinders)
  7. 2008 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming people)
  8. 2008 Jerusalem bulldozer attack, Israel (ramming people)
  9. 2011 Tel Aviv nightclub attack, Israel (ramming + stabbing)
  10. 2013 Murder of Lee Rigby, London, (ramming + stabbing)
  11. 2013 Tiananmen Square attack, China (ramming people + bursting into flames)
  12. 2014 Ürümqi attack, China (ramming + throwing bombs off the vehicle)
  13. 2014 Jerusalem tractor attack, Israel (ramming people + bus)
  14. 2014 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu ramming attack, Canada (ramming)
  15. 2014 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming people)
  16. 2014 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming + hitting with a metal crowbar)
  17. 2014 Alon Shvut stabbing attack, West Bank (failed ramming + stabbing)
  18. 2014 Dijon attack, France (ramming people)
  19. 2014 Nantes attack, France (ramming people)
  20. 2015 Saint-Quentin-Fallavier attack, France (ramming gas cylinders + decapitating)
  21. 2016 Nice attack, France (ramming people + gunfire)
  22. 2016 Ohio State University attack, United States (ramming + stabbing)
  23. 2016 Berlin attack, Germany (ramming people)
  24. 2017 Jerusalem truck attack, Israel (ramming people)
  25. 2017 Westminster attack, United Kingdom (ramming + stabbing)
  26. 2017 Antwerp attack, Belgium (failed ramming)
  27. 2017 Stockholm attack, Sweden (ramming people)

Other notable ‘vehicle’ incidents

  1. 1973 Olga Hepnarová case, Czechoslovakian woman using a truck to go on a rampage
  2. 1995 Shawn Nelson case, plumber using a stolen tank to go on a rampage
  3. 2004 Marvin Heemeyer case, welder using an armored bulldozer to destroy buildings
  4. 2006 San Francisco SUV rampage, 2006 case of a paranoid schizophrenic man from Afghanistan using an SUV to go on a rampage
  5. 2008 Akihabara massacre, mass murder using a truck and a dagger
  6. 2009 attack on the Dutch Royal Family, case of a man driving into spectators on Koninginnedag 2009 in Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  7. 2010 Hebei tractor rampage, 2010 mass murder using a bucket loader
  8. 2013 Venice, Los Angeles
  9. 2015 Graz van attack, mass murder using an SUV and a knife
  10. 2017 Melbourne car attack in Melbourne, Australia in which six people were killed and over 30 injured.
  11. 2017 Heidelberg, Germany ramming pedestrians
  12. 2017 Krewe of Endymion drunk driver 42 involved, no deaths

Which makes a grand total of 39 incidents and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the real total.

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