Now this is diplomacy!

The G7 group of nations has failed to reach agreement over threatening new sanctions against Russia and Syria.

Italian foreign minister Angelino Alfano – hosting the G7 talks – said ministers wanted to engage with Russia to put pressure on President Assad, adding that we must not push Russia into a corner“. (BBC)

Oh boy, the US state department will be needing oxygen after that slap down.
As for ‘poodle’ Johnson?
UK proposals to target sanctions at senior military leaders were sidelined.
Probably because everyone thought they were just puerile!

So, a sigh of relief for a short second ensues until the US state department (and apparently Trump) do what they usually do i.e. Whatever they want.

I am however still thinking a false flag operation will happen.
After all the US wants war. . . . . doesn’t it?
I ask that question because the game plan keeps on changing.
I’ve also got one last question.
Who is actually in charge? POTUS or his family?

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