Expedient Projectile Weapons

Effective projectile weapons, as in will disable (or better) an assailant.

  1. Long / Compound bow (Area denial, 100-250 metres, Accurate centre mass, 50-60 metres)
  2. Average power (125-150lb) Crossbow (30 to 50 metres)
  3. Slingshot / Catapult (25 metres)
  4. Air Weapon 12 ftlb (30 to 50 metres)
  5. Sling (Area denial, 80-100 metres, Accurate centre mass, 20-30 metres)
  6. Spear / Javelin (15-30 metres)
  7. Blow gun (10-20 metres)
  8. Boomerang / Throwing Stick (20-40 metres)

Practical Use Comments and Suggestions welcome!

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2 Responses to Expedient Projectile Weapons

  1. jlm990 says:

    Each has a potential use, depending on your situation. All can be hand made depending on the skill of the user. They all avoid the very loud “bang” of conventional small arms.

    • Agreed, I still think too many people are fixated on firearms. Your piece about bows being pertinent to my thinking and world.
      Meanwhile in the 4th World aka the UK, expedient comes as SOP!

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