Yet again the remoaners try it on.

Brexit: Foreign states may have interfered in vote, report says.
MPs are concerned about allegations governments including Russia and China may have interfered with EU referendum website. (Guardian).

I’m now wondering who exactly are these MP’s and whether they are all remoaners?

Anyway, lets look at that report.

88.On 7 June 2016, hours before the deadline for individuals to register to vote at the EU referendum, the voter registration website crashed. The collapse of the website, managed by the Cabinet Office and the Government Digital Service, was blamed on “unprecedented demand” for the service, with 515,256 online applications to register to vote recorded on 7 June (the previous record for the largest number of online applications received in a day was 469,047 on 20 April 2015).

There is no mention of a DDOS attack.
What we have here is pure sheeple power swamping a software system that just couldn’t cope. Why so many at the same time?
Because the general population (whoops) sheeple nearly always leave everything to the last second. That’s human nature and part of the failure of the ‘modern digital world’ advertising a 24/7 ‘sit in the comfort of your home’ as opposed to requiring people to register by post!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is another issue to consider.
Data systems commissioned by the UK government have a LESS THAN STELLAR record of the robustness of their computer projects.
PROBABLY because the UK government always gives the tender to the cheapest supplier.

The Guardian is known to be a ‘remoaner friendly’ media outlet and this pointless article clearly shows that bias.


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  1. Haha, now Brexit supporters will have to attack a Russian ally to prove their not in Russia’s pocket!

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