Strike 3?

Some are calling it, ‘Sabre rattling’, I’m thinking ‘pathetic’.
Rather like the firing all those cruise missiles and the bomb damage subsequently screened on multiple media outlets.
It all looked pretty limp.

There has been a lot of UK press about the MOAB dropped by the US mil.
From the get go I’ll say I don’t agree with its use on such a minor target.
The BDA assessment by the Afghanistan military on the MOAB was it killed just 36 ISIS terrorists. So lets look at the cost effectiveness of this act of stupidity.

One MOAB costs about $16 million, and 20 have been produced, according to the military equipment site
So that’s $444,444.44 a head.
Sound like a good return for one boom? I don’t think so.

This is not sensible.
It’s just a display of Boyz Toyz by someone trying too hard to look hard BUT, comparing it with the pounding of ISIS in Syria by the Russians munitions, the biggest dick award still goes to the Russians.

Now it seems the US press is spinning this as a demonstration of power to North Korea.
Like they give a toss. They have nukes, delivery systems, and apparently (probably even more false news) with Sarin payloads.

I don’t understand world politics but I can identify the unstable despots, dangerous factions, and the really powerful (them who don’t need to try). And all three of them are getting well upset with Trump’s antics.

Interesting flash news!
GOOGLE have declared that the ‘world’ is searching the hardest it ever has for articles about the forthcoming WW3.
I think they are right to do so and, if you’re not a prepper, it might be a good idea to putting some thought into making a basic (BOB) ‘bug out bag’ up with particular attention to (PPE) ‘personal protection equipment’ in case the air starts to glow!

Anyway I’ve got a few questions bugging me like:-
Who is running the US? As I’m not sure that it’s POTUS.
Who is running the US military? Because it looks like they are.
Who are the mental midgets driving things onwards to the brink of war?
And finally should everyone be worried?

I’ll answer that for me and my own, YES!

With a foreign secretary like Poodle Johnson and a Secretary of Defence ‘Nursery Supremo’ Fallon on the UK team!?! Yep, I’m worried.
Worried these fools will sign us up for destruction as part of a screwball coalition with Trump in charge and NATO as the geniuses they think they are (but blatently aren’t).

Anyway for me this is strike 3 and Trump’s struck out!
He has lost my support (like anyone in the US cares) because he is endangering the world, my world, and could just start a war as he strives to win a top award as a:-

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9 Responses to Strike 3?

  1. Brittius says:

    Sending the message, was priceless.

    • What message was that?

      “We are putting you on notice so you can plan an instant launch if we attack?”

      Never brandish a weapon, just use it.

      • Brittius says:

        A very good message was sent and that is, the current president, is nothing like the former president.
        I have confidence that any enemy launch can be met, and defeated. I have little use for the propaganda of super weapons others possess. ISIS must be killed. NK Fat Kid must be killed. If Iran works up their beer muscles after half-a-pint of tap, then they too must be killed. If the civilized world cannot tame the animals, then the animals must be put down (killed).

      • No argument my friend except we both know that collateral damage is the consequence of war.

        As for killing ISIS?
        ISIS is code for Islam.
        When was the last time a religion was totally eliminated?
        Like any civil or religious war, you can kill the soldiers but you’ll never kill the ideology, the religion, the culture, unless you are into total genocide and take out the followers, familes, and the International bleeding hearts.

        So asking for patience, I’d like to get real about things.

        Firstly them in power right round the civilised world are scared stiff to openly acknowledge the current problem preferring to pick on old adversaries. The posturing of them ignorant politicians could cause a reaction no one wants as diplomacy is not something politicians are good at.

        Then there is the command structure of their military who are usually salivating at the thought of action.

        BUT I personally have ZERO confidence in the political and military leadership of our countries, their high-tech sh’t working as advertised every time, and soldiers from grunt level upwards being 101% efficient in everything they do.

        And I’ve got absolutely NO confidence in them stopping their war to protect you, me, and our own, mate.

        Especally if nukes come into play.

        Quite frankly civilians (today that’s you, me, and ours) are a pain in the arse in a military scenario. We both know that as they either limit options, consume vital resources, or just get in the way.

        Thus I will still hate those who need to be hated. I’d love nothing better than all of them dead. But with age came wisdom.

        You like me know it’s damn hard to reapply safety catches.
        It’s also way better not to open fire in the first place if you know you’ll never control the situation. Especially today if the loser is going to be quick on a WMD fire button.

        So, am I scared? Yep!
        If people aren’t scared of war, they either never lived it, or just haven’t thought it through.

        So, I’ll wave the flag with you, buy the tee shirt and the cap if you want BUT be careful what you wish for, as what might happen may not be what you were expecting or ever wanted to happen my friend.

      • Brittius says:

        That’s usually the way. Also, platoon level, remains expendable, but the brass has steak dinners with cocktail time.

  2. J. Simmons says:

    The estimate on cost for a single MOAB in the above post is way off. The R&D was in the millions, each MOAB is only around $170,000.

    There is a LOT of false info out there regarding cost, as many places don’t double check to see if it is the cost of the R&D program (314,000,000), implementation ( 16,000,000), or individual weapons (170,000). Also the MOABs are going to be hitting their replacement date (just like food, modern explosives have exasperation dates) and will need to either be used, or phased out, by the fall of 2018.

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