UK Prepper Forums

So, I thought I’d go for a browse at the state of play and one took my eye.
Bit different from last time, the rules and regulations about what can be written, and thought, are typically UK aka Very PC, multicultural, and ‘play nicely’ folks.

OK, I can live with that but it’s going to be a very benign thoughtfullyprepping who joins in the fun. UK forum, UK rules.

Ultimately I’m curious if it’s going to be any different to a few years ago.
That ended up with the observation that only a few write, many just read, and everything got real stale after a while.

As for what I’m looking for?
An update on the state of play of the UK Prepping world would be nice.
That and an update on what’s been found useful exclusively in the UK.

I’m not expecting to make meetable contacts.
Like dating, long distance and the Internet isn’t contusive to building up a rapport.
Besides UK preppers are generally a ‘secretive lot’.

I also don’t ‘do’ the annual prepper fests some organise as they are sometimes ‘unusual’ in the activities. For instance, frying burgers and cooking Tesco chicken legs isn’t actually my idea of swapping ideas about survival in austere times.

Come to think about it, maybe I’d better look at the survivalist side of things as well although I’m definitely not into debris huts or bashas anymore.
Fun for a weekend, not practical for real survival over a protracted time and pretty bloody useless in a CBRN scenario.

Um, I’m now wondering if there are a few more urban survivalists about.
I know I was in the minority once upon a time as the UK’s (we copy the US in everything) theme was “Whatever happens, get out into the countryside”.

Actually I’m really looking forward to writing up the final assessment.

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