Unintended Consequencies

While the US is tear-arsing round the world threatening everyone, it seems calmer minds are looking on.

Russia slaps Tillerson around, Iran supports them, and for Assad it’s business as usual.
The UN are ground to a halt by a veto, and G7 shuts down Poodle Johnson.

North Korea.
A US carrier group is on way, South Korea is alarmed, and the North Koreans test launch which, despite the failure, is to me a clear “fk. off  US of A”.

Meanwhile China and Russia have got together to cool things down with North Korea.
Two real military giants right on North Korea’s borders who don’t play games.

I’m now wondering when China and Russia will enlist more help, which could include the UN, to de-fang the main trouble maker.

That trouble maker being the US.
What, the US doesn’t see itself as that?
The world’s policeman that can do no wrong?

Wise up America, your recent actions have disturbed everyone’s Chi.
If it is found that the chemical attack wasn’t as advertised, the street cred of the US will take one hell of a bashing. There will be “world payback” for that too.
Perhaps all those ill thought out actions are about to bite you back.
Iraq, Libya, Syria, China’s little islands, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, and anywhere else the US has “imposed it’s vision of democracy”.

Some will probably see this as me being anti American.
Far from it, I’ve no problem with the American people.
My angst is (as always) with your government, leadership, and NATO’s ancient warhorses.

Problem you guys and girls is the perception that is growing round the world that YOU are the problem.

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3 Responses to Unintended Consequencies

  1. Brittius says:

    Time for, “the Marine”.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    The U.S. has more than enough problems to deal with at home.
    Land at half- maybe 75% of our airports and you’ll think you’ve landed in some 3rd world sh*thole.
    Drive on our interstate highways for any length of time and you’ll feel like you need a new liver, kidneys,speen,and whatever other organs are knocked around by the crappy roads.
    In the northern half of the country there are two driving seasons-winter followed by orange barrel season as the states make a half assed effort at road construction/repair.
    80% of the dams along our major river systems are in need of critical emergency repair- not just the one in California.
    Trump is right- it will take trillions of U.S. dollars to fix our crumbling infrstructure.
    But dropping yuge bombs, running guns ammo and shoulder launched missiles to “good” terrorist groups and taking out wedding parties with hellfire missiles launched from a drone controlled by some 18 or 19 year old kid in Virginia is do much more important huh?

    • Misplaced priorities. Same here.

      While the politicans open inquires here about why things aren’t working, it’s purely a stalling tactic, the “kicking the can down the road” bit.

      Anyway we’ve dropped from 3rd world status to 4th world.

      That’s where everyone in power lies about how good things are to look good in front of the brain dead sheeple of this countrry (about 95% of the population) and the rest of the world who stupidly want to come here.

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