Wanna read petty, EU/UK style?

Syrian president’s British-born wife Asma al-Assad faces calls to be stripped of her UK citizenship. Asma was born to Syrian parents in London.

Not unlike all the British born jihardists, terrorists, and other ethnically challenged rabble rousers.

Yet their UK citizenship has never been revoked.
Why is that exactly?
Oh I know why,
Because they are all Muslim and it wouldn’t be PC, multicultural, or religiously tolerant!

Anyway Asma is already subject to European Union sanctions that make it illegal to render her economic assistance and ban her from travelling in the European Union with the exception of the UK, because she holds British nationality.

Wow, this one woman scares the EU more than Merkel !?!

The Liberal (we lie about everything and will sleep with anyone if it’ll get us back in power) Democrats will send an official letter to the Home Office today, calling for her citizenship to be revoked.

The letter states: “If Asma continues defending the Assad regime’s murderous actions, the onus will be on the UK Government to deprive her of her citizenship or demonstrate that her actions are not seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the United Kingdom.”

Wow, what a threat to the safety of the EU and UK this one woman poises.
She could storm the shops, stay in a posh hotel, or something!
Hang on, I’ve got it, it’s so obvious.
She’s got more followers on social media than Trump and Theresa May combined!

Still if you can’t apply sanctions to Russia or the Syrian president, it’s best they pick on women and kids. Right Boris? and how very British Public School and European thinking that is.

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