Europe doesn’t want GCHQ’s input.

I write that as it looks like the EU may be limiting the interchange of Intel from Europol to the UK as “it is only open to full member states”.

OK, Cybercrime costs EU Member States EUR 265 billion a year. For the global economy, that figure is around EUR 900 billion. And that’s just the financial side.
(From Europol website).

Who’s got the biggest ears?
That would be GCHQ.
We spy on everyone and everything.
Admittedly no way as intensively as certain allied states do BUT we’ve been the top dog of innovative snooping on the little people for a long time.

So why don’t we just withdraw from Europol as the newspapers are calling for? We’d save money, do our own thing with other non EU run agencies, and probably end up better off.

Be careful what you wish for EU.
You never appreciate what you have until it’s not there anymore.

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