Frau Merkel Rant

ANGELA Merkel has warned Britons not to delude themselves over a future relationship with the bloc in a major speech to German politicians this morning.

You see this is where Mutti Merkel has it wrong.
“Stripped of rights” she said.
OK let’s look at that in terms of trade.
Germany flogs a lot of their cars here.
We make parts for them too.
It’s something like a 18 billion euro trade for them.

Let’s revisit “Stripped of rights” now.
So that’s UK workers in Germany get sent home?
Tit for tat, we do that too.
All those wages are lost to Mutti’s coffers.
Car’s are subjected to import tariffs?
Tit for tat, we do that too.
German car makers stand to lose a LOT of money.
German owned car manufacturing plants are taxed at a higher rate?
That’s not tit for tat, but always an option.
And so far that’s only cars.

Besides Mutti Merkel is so out on her ear come the German elections. I’m thinking her ‘hug a rapefugee’ policy has already signed her political death warrant.

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