Meanwhile London SW1

Mohammed Khalid Omar Ali was arrested carrying knives near Downing Street.
Another fine example of why British Passports and citizenship should be withdrawn from certain ethnic and religious groups.

Whitehall terror suspect, 27, is ‘Londoner born overseas’ who was monitored for weeks by MI5 over possible ISIS links after being shopped by his family’.

Wow, word spinning in style. ‘A Londoner born overseas’.
Which in plainer language should be written up as:-

Another example of a foreign POS who should have never been given UK citizenship let alone allowed to enter the UK (whatever age he was).

Then I read this:-
Police storm a Willesden (North London) house.
5 shots fired, a woman in her 20’s wounded and taken to hospital.
Four people were arrested and are currently in custody.
Two males, 16 and 20, and a 43-year-old woman in Kent.

Sigh. Initially I’m thinking more range time is needed.

BUT that’s side stepping the issue and that issue is:-
Oh look, another terrorist cell in London.
Mayor Sadiq Khan’s manor.
What was that he said about terrorism?
“Part and parcel of living in a big city”
He forgot to add, “MY CITY”.

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2 Responses to Meanwhile London SW1

  1. ebolainfo says:

    Again…I just don’t see the threat you are going on about. The muppet carried knives near drowning street. Really? That is a terror threat? Not som, idiotic criminal ONLY! If that was NOT downing street, it would be carrying a weapon, assult, mugging etc.
    If this is a the calibre of “terrorists” the state is shitting themselves over, they are a bunch of retards. Oh…newsflash…its just part of the BS show to justify more police powers!

    • Ho hum.
      A couple of years ago ‘events’ like this were few. The one sticking firmly in my mind is Lee Rigby, Woolwich Arsenal. I know that area well.

      But a guy with a knife not dangerous?
      Oh yes he is, only the message he is transmitting is sometimes very subtle and not aimed at us.

      NEVER underestimate the power of a singleton. To some it’s inspiring. If they die they are a martyr. Good for recruiting is a martyr.

      This is a growing threat and a spectacular event has got to be in the offing.

      Lots of nibbling ‘action’ also tires out responders and reaction time will drop. It is also a learning curve for an intellegent commander.

      Do this, TPTB respond this way.
      Do that, you can get away with it.

      It’s how I test security today.
      Nuisance tripping until security get bored and lackadaisical. Useful when foraging.

      Unusually I’m going to type “You need to appreciate the bigger picture here” as such nibbling could end up as a ‘spectacular’ plus even more random widespread acts of violence. After all random action in the City ties up other resources. Those resources are now not protecting other sites.

      The big picture.

      It’s only a muppet with a knife?
      Police showing off? Probably.
      Only good luck with that on a dark night or even a bright day in London. Police usually arriving after the event, seldom during.

      Then there might be you with a daysack being stopped and kicking off because you’re a law abiding person in front of a tired, ragged out copper with a nightstick. That’s a recipe for stitches while resisting arrest.

      My bigger and a highly personal view.

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