Sigh, UK forums are still running scared

The object of my exercise was to ‘loosely’ evaluate the current status of UK prepping, take a flying guess at numbers, and see how advanced the thinking was beyond FM 21-76 level i.e. does anyone claiming to be a prepper, off grid capable, or a survivalist, actually think outside the box ??

I signed onto three UK prepping sites, one (during a brain fart of a moment) as myself.
Not forgetting the one and only ‘off grid living’ site in the UK.
I found, as expected, THEY ARE STILL over moderated aka censored, very politically correct, and multicultural and religiously tolerant.

Thus the actual prepping content on some UK prepper sites is still largely benign, lacks imagination and true expressiveness.
The ability to confront problems in open discussion is being suppressed.
What that leaves is ? ? ? There’s the problem!
So what did you do for your prepping today? Is often the only game in town.

It’s a shame because there are a lot of free thinkers out there, some with real talent, who are largely wasting their time in that sterile environment.
I say that as being unable to throw ideas about and evolve plans for a time where being PC is a sheer waste of time and possibly hazardous to your future health.

Having said that, all is not lost (except in the prepper forums).
I had much more success on traveller (vans as a home, squatters, and way off grid aka Yurt’s, etc), plus boater forums. They all contain good Intel and a willingness to openly discuss problem solving across the spectrum of austere living issues .
After all that’s the name of their game, off grid living.
Anyway those numbers ran at about 34000 souls.

I suppose I know what is still going on in the prepping world and nothing has actually changed since I did my last assessment some 4 years ago.
It boils down to the paranoia of the UK preppers where, despite the bluster and strong words, they still walk in fear of the UK government.

So, the tally.
There appears to be ~16875 preppers (off their combined membership lists).
That’s an inaccurate count though as people often reside in multiple forums.
Also long-term membership and especially contributors are few in number.
Some thinking (as I do) that boredom is a contributory factor.
I guess about a couple of hundred of those may be truly off grid capable and even less over a protracted time.
BUT to this total I can add ~34000 proper off grid capable souls.
Same rules apply about those who have come and gone thus figures aren’t accurate.
Anyway that’s the travellers, squatters, no fixed abode, and boaters.
Bush Craft has appeal as well. Approx 12400 of them but here’s the problem, they may have outdoor skills but that’s not really prepping for a conflict or emergency scenario is it?
Especially if it involves urban survival.
As for foraging for survival in it’s truest sense?
It is unclear who actually does that on a regular basis.

Still the total pencils in at around ~63275 souls.
All in all pretty low numbers which equates to about 0.001% of the population.

Now off grid living to me is all about self-sufficiency aka keeping yourself going in an austere or even hostile scenario. Something we all need to know if TSHTF and the supply chains fail and electricity goes off.

It’s also prepping 101.
Achieving adequate shelter, making good water, keeping warm, foraging for food, fuel and whatever else you need. Addressing health concerns including medication, waste disposal both personal and living. Finally self-defence, transport, and communications.

That self-defence point is one the more insipid moderators and forums take issue with.
After all discussions about self-defence weaponry and techniques could be construed as condoning violence. Shocking isn’t it.
As for foraging?
The mechanism of foraging can be borderline illegal YET when the rule of law is no more, you need to know what to do to protect and provide for yourself.
Once again I find that subject moderated to hell and back again.
What’s that term you Yanks use? Snowflake thinking isn’t it?

So how do I know all this is right?
Well it turns out that the same old contributors are still out there from my days and a couple emailed me to say Hi. That’s the problem knowing intelligent people, they recognised my ‘touch’. From there it took only a few overs before they cottoned on to why I was there. Resentment is a powerful emotion and as expected my conclusions were largely confirmed.

After that I only needed to ask the question “Why stay if it’s a waste of your time?”
Best answer? How else can we stay in touch?

And finally.
Draw what conclusions you like from this.
It’s been an inconclusive and subjective exercise but I sort of expected that.

Add to that the ‘audacity’ of me calling the whole exercise of comment moderation as defeating freedom of speech, and suppressing the interchange of Intel and knowledge?
It will probably see me trolled to death. C’est la vie!

UK prepping forums need to wise up to the realities ‘of life to come’ by addressing the problems in open forum that the future will bring.

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