Of course it’s safe!

Fukushima prefecture has asked the Japanese Self-Defense Forces for help in handling forest fires that have swept areas near the crippled Fukushima power plant, local media report. Strong winds are hindering the firefighting efforts, however. (RT)

There are still areas there where the land still glows rad hot.
Smoke is partially made up of ash particulates put into the air by hot air.
Radiation fallout is mainly particulates and will go airborne again in the same conditions.

So why would you want to deliberately expose firefighters and troops to more contamination? Haven’t enough been irradiated already?
Unless of course the prevailing wind is blowing that contamination towards population centres and nobody in the Japanese government wants the world to know.

This whole thing appears to be still out of control, some 6 years after the event.
Consider Chernobyl 1986.
The land around that disaster is still too toxic to live on, and that’s after 30 years.

So is this still only a Japanese problem? I think not.
This is everyone’s problem.
Only where is the world and why aren’t they lending a practical hand?

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