A demonstration of REAL power is called for.

BRUSSELS is rushing out plans to bring London under the control of Brussels by forcing financial services to leave the City or obey EU authorities. The draft plans seen by the Financial Times, could see London’s lucrative Euro-clearing business stripped of its autonomy in the wake of Brexit. The City currently clears over £700 billion worth of Euro’s every day – taking on the credit risk of buyers and sellers during financial trading and allowing trade to run smoothly. (Link)

Interesting. It would appear that the Euro has to use London to trade.

OK, here’s a plan and something that would bring Brussels more feral elite into line.
After all it would appear they need a REALITY CHECK!

There is no way in hell that Brussels can swap over that clearing from us to them within months if not years.

So, to make that point, for one day Theresa May should stop all that clearing.
Then, if this silliness persists, up the game to two days a week, then three.

I wonder who will scream in pain first?
We’d take a hit, but no way as bad as the Euro.

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  1. How odd………. the UK finance system process their trade payments yet Brussels are threatening us? Bit like butchers boycotting the meat industry. Someone’s been on the silly juice or wacky baccy if I understand this correctly.

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