Bit maudlin tonight.

And angry.
I suppose it’s the delayed reaction to having to change our lifestyle again.
It’s like R&R’s down time, when you look at ‘what is’ and just stand there, brain-dead, numb, and thinking “this is an alien world that I don’t really fit into anymore”.

Kinda like that point where you will sign up for anything to get back to what you know.

Anyway tonight SWMBO goes off to the cattle yard to be weighed again and comes back, pissed off, weighing 3½ pounds more than 2 weeks ago.
I know what has happened.
In those 9 days of heavy working she’s lost inches, toned up everything, and muscle weighs more than fat.

That kinda irks me.
Not that she’s put on weight, just the attitude of the sheeple she mixes with. Her sitting in a room full of soft ‘limp wrist’ blobs, having worked so hard, and be frowned upon because “she’s off target”.

Half of those pussies (including the men) wouldn’t have lasted a day!
So I’m annoyed. Not for her but because that also pisses me off.

There is a disconnect with civilised society to what is real.
Their idea is working ‘hard’ in an office then rushing home to watch the droll box all evening while eating lettuce leaves to lose weight.

Our idea of working hard is 12 hour active working (to sweat level), 6 hours of menial working, on 2 quick meals a day, and then climbing into bed to sleep the sleep of the dead before rising at dawn to do it all again. Hell even when we’re not working it’s up at dawn and out with the dog before breakfast and walking till it hurts!

Civilisation? Aw fk. it.

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