Europe Burns.

ANNUAL May Day protests have descended into violence as thousands took to the streets across many European cities.

Looking at the pictures on the media, you’ve got the Lefties (mainly made up by disgruntled school kids with nappies tied round their faces probably all claiming to be part of ANTIFA), unions (probably wearing nappies), and a large contingent of migrants (probably law-abiding naturalised ‘citizens’ who haven’t a clue what nappies are).

What is not so clear is who is throwing the molotov’s around.

Bottom line?
Nobody likes what their governments are doing BUT their governments are only doing what they have been told to do by the real Head Honcho of the European Union Angela (Mutti) Merkel.

All falling apart nicely isn’t it.
Summer is just around the corner, months of long warm days and light nights.
Perfect for a weekend away just burning things down.

Isn’t it time the Europeans stopped and thought about this.
The fault is the EU.
Which is easily solved.
Just do away with it!


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