Spain in the mire

SPAIN is reportedly feeling the pinch from Brexit as Britons are spending less and buying fewer homes in the EU state since June 23’s vote.

Of course they could reverse that trend in seconds by declaring that ex-pat residency will remain the same after Brexit.

One simple act and those Brits would probably stay, numbers probably increase, and it would be business as usual. Yet to do that they would have to go against the will of the Eurocrats, essentially making a private deal with the UK.

If they did, this would be a golden opportunity for Theresa May.
A simple written agreement that Spanish people could also remain in the UK after Brexit and WHAM, the EU’s whole policy of being stupid would go for a ball of chalk as I’m pretty certain other countries would want to follow suit. The main one being Poland!

So what you’ve got to ask yourself is why don’t they?
Is membership of a failing alliance worth it as their bottom line decreases?
After all the EU is doomed.

It’s only a question of when.

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