Ignorance of computers

Based on actual events.

Dear Mr. Electricity Company
I would love to pay the bill you sent me electronically to save money if only I:-

  1. Owned a computer
  2. Could use a computer
  3. Could use the Internet which I don’t have
  4. Could use this email thing you say I have but know nothing about
  5. Could even start to understand what a ‘zip’ file is
  6. Knew how to enter a password to decrypt a zipped Adobe file
  7. Knew how to then read an Adobe file
  8. Actually knew what an Adobe file was?
  9. Can find an eight year old to do all these things you say I should do.
  10. Let you install the phone line and computer you think I have.

Meanwhile would you please send me a copy of the bill (which would have been nice in the first place), in printed form, using what my great-grandson calls SNAIL MAIL.

Yours sincerely
Someone brought up when TV’s took 5 minutes to warm up and only came in one colour, monochrome!


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  1. Oh yes, I remember it well……………

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