Brexit gets the blame again for government greed

UK car sales drop by a fifth in April after tax changes and price rises.
Funny that.
The government increases the vehicle duty (tax) rates, drop the subsidies for electric or hybrid and threaten diesels with annihilation (because it’s fashionable to do so) and sales slump.

Why is anyone surprised?

Only it’s got to be BREXIT’s fault the taxes were increased.
Thing is I wonder why the Russians aren’t being blamed too.

While some experts are citing this is only a glitch, as employment levels have never been so good, what they are missing is wages aren’t rising, inflation is, and people are hanging onto their money, just in case.

Another rumour heard on our local streets is that lending rates will increase soon as inflation starts to climb out of the control of the Bank of England.
If that happens borrowing money will become ‘expensive’ again, mortgage repayments will climb, and the BUST of ‘Boom and bust’ will return with a vengeance.

I foresee that if it does, it will be either the Russians fault, or North Korea, Trump, the EU, and probably global warming.

Boy, the trolls will be busy!

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