Digital Headache

The aim was to change the address on my driving licence.
How to do that was using the UK governments Driving Vehicle Licence Agency’s computer system. I made a huge mistake thinking it would be simple. NEVER AGAIN!
Tooth pulling without anaesthetics is less painful than what I went through.

First I had to create a Government Gateway account.
30 minutes, about 30 screens, and a texted access code.
Then I get to change the address on my licence.
Could it find my new address giving my Post Code (Zip code)?
Of course not, that would have been easy!
So another half-dozen pointless screens with multiple “Start again” prompts.
Sigh, at last it accepted it.
Game over? No way!
The confirmation of identification took ages and was “intrusive” to say the least.

Then there was a survey. I couldn’t get round that either.
So my answers to “would I recommend this site to others?”
Well lets just say they were colourful.

Now I’ve always thought that computers would be the end of us all and I’m absolutely convinced that’s true after today.

So I’ve got a tiny little request, a favour actually. From a real world leader.

Please Mr. Putin.
Can I beg just one tiny little EMP pulse centered over the Untied Kingdom?
Just enough to wreak the computer systems the UK government has fallen in love with.
Then we can return to sanity where pens, paper forms, and long waits were the norm.

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  1. Have pen, will travel. Have filing cabinet, will find what I’m looking for. Have computer, WTF?

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