Negotiations EU style

The European Dis-Union (EU) is demanding that Brexit talks take place in rigid four-week cycles, mostly likely in Brussels – and that Britain picks up the tab for the cost.

Let’s face it, this is yet another EU generated farce.
Brexit negotiations with the EU who are putting all sorts of nonsense in place to stop meaningful discussions.

I’ve got a crazy idea.
Let’s just walk away.
Stuff them.
No money, no divorce settlement, and everyone from Europe goes back to their homes.

That is except for those whose governments who negotiate separate deals with the UK.
Favorable terms for the first ten of course.
Everyone else gets shut out and has to deal under WTO rules which, according to business leaders, would take about 5-10 years to organise.

Methinks we would hear the squealing pigs of the Eurocrats from over here!
As the EU collapses overnight.

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2 Responses to Negotiations EU style

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Was all this rat-fuck built into the EU already if and/or when a country decided it was time to leave? Or are they making this crap up as they go? I’m thinking they make it up as they go. Gotta keep adding to their private bank accounts as long as they can.

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