The stupidity of US Military leadership

DONALD Trump has been urged to send up to 5,000 troops to Afghanistan in an aim to crush the Taliban insurgency in the country.
The US military have sent recommendations which they claim smash the stalemate more than 15 years after the Islamist government was toppled.

How stupid can staff officers get!
This is why the US military leadership still sit around in cavalry pants.
They just don’t learn from their mistakes or failures and think winning is everything despite the cost.

So I’ve got a question for the military elite.
For those US military geniuses who think they can actually win ANYTHING anymore.
Name me one modern army that has EVER defeated insurgent forces in Afghanistan?

I’ll give you a clue:-

Didn’t your latest failure teach anyone anything?
You can’t fight a civil or open war, against professionals (most of whom you trained and supplied when they were fighting the Russians), against the Islamic faith, with Western Laws and tactics using B.S. Rules of engagement.

Anyway haven’t enough of your nations finest been hurt, maimed, or killed on the altar of US military management and political stupidity yet?

Trump needs to be thinking how to say “NO MORE TROOPS!”
Either that or look for a new job.

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4 Responses to The stupidity of US Military leadership

  1. Brittius says:

    My theory differs.
    Afghanistan, has profound mineral wealth, in particular, gold. There has to be some covert mining operation somewhere, and fighting is diversionary to keep eyes off of the project, most likely, a subcontractor corporation involved, and under premise of security personnel operation.
    In the past, I have heard numerous scuttlebutts involving Rhodesia, where outsiders would move gemstones into Europe when they were going on R&R (Rest & Relaxation).
    I have strong suspicions that similar is taking place.

    • I appreciate that profit and military action are usually intertwined only I also see that Trump has given the US military full field command without state oversight. A really stupid move!

      Thus my guess is the insane old warhorses that make up the US military leadership probably think they can do what they want, where they want, and to whoever they want.

      That worries me.
      Little minds with big toyz and little restraint.

      This needs to be stopped as it could lead them to thinking they can take on the Russians.

      At which point we are all truly fk’d.

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