Technical problem

I’ve been browsing my reader and it seems that NONE of the people I follow are appearing in it. So it’s not that I’m ignoring folk, it’s just you haven’t been popping up in my reader!

So today has been catch up time going through everyone’s blog.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you get round it?

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2 Responses to Technical problem

  1. Brittius says:

    News stopped in my reader. Only India with their scribble and perhaps a handful of of faker news, remain. I tried yesterday, to look at my followers, as there is someone I wanted to contact, and the screen kept popping and going back to the most recent followers, then later in the day I noticed the follow tally had diminished substantially. I experienced similar about two years ago and contacted Wp, and they said it was my problem, not theirs. Their system barely works, and that has been constant for the past seven years. I also notice the visitors and items on average read, will change during the day and, go down. Manipulation. Pure manipulation.

    • Not good, I rely on my reader. Or to put it another way, I relied on my reader.
      What next though? Love the meddling or not, wordpress is where I operate having now (once again) kicked UK ‘prepper’ forums into touch because of their PC policies.

      Maybe I should ressurect my website and once again fight Google’s rating system and build up a presence again.

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