Using plastic or a soda bottle strip to open a door.

What is it about UK people (ESPECIALLY the elderly) with latch key (slam shut) doors?
Summer arrives, they open all the windows, nip outside the front door, the wind slams the door behind them and there they are LOCKED OUT!
In an upper floor apartment, access is not as easy as climbing in a back window!

Here’s the financial problem when that happens.
Some lock firms charge £100 plus to re-admit people (OAP’s or not) for something you can do easily enough with minimal tooling and materials.

NOTE:-This post and technique is for information and educational purposes only.
Don’t get naughty and use this technique on places you have no legal right to enter.
DANGER! It can cause damage to foam or plastic door seals.

To ‘see it in action’, look in YouTube.
There are various examples shown, some using a two litre soda bottles, some using plastic file dividers.

Further Notes:-

  • Always fit a deadlock or deadbolt to your doors and USE THEM on exiting your home.
    That will stop this technique being used when you are away from home.
  • Don’t directly try to force the card into the latch, push the plastic through ABOVE the lock and slide downwards.
  • The folded edge towards the lock tongue.
  • Use slight pressure on the door to insert the plastic, but NO pressure when sliding the plastic over the lock tongue.
  • CAUTION REPEATED, anti draft seals could be damaged.
  • You need to practice this technique before you use it in earnest.
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