Useful items?

A 1/2 litre plastic bottle. Without water you’ve got 3 days.
A good boot knife. One knife, two blades.
A simple gas lighter. Without fire you cannot purify or eat.
Fishing hooks. A simple force multiplier when hunting.
Sewing Needles. From first aid to repairs.
FFP3 Mask. Dust is a killer.
Nitrile Gloves. To touch is sometimes bad.

One more?
Food for thought.

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7 Responses to Useful items?

  1. equippedcat says:

    1/2 liter is kind of small, isn’t it? How about 1L or even 2L? And plastic is cheap and light, but doesn’t much like to be in fire. Whatever size water bottle you have, how about a metal cup it will nest into? Or I recently found a silcone water bottle which can be rolled up, allegedly can have water boiled in it, and has a solar charged light in the lid.

    Neither the fishhooks or the needles will give you maximum performance without fishline or thread. I use braided fishline for both so two functions for the cost of one item.

    The boot knife blade is optimized for combat. It’s better than no blade, but not optimal for many non-combat tasks.

    When it works, the lighter is a really good fire source; It does not always work (doesn’t like wind, fuel evaporates, the flint can disintegrate).. Better would be to back it up with a spark producer and some waterproof tinder.

    As for additional things to consider, a large (Engineer’s) bandana, a few feet of duct tape, a space blanket or bivvy sack, a hunk of paracord, a small flashlight, a whistle, goggles (eyes don’t like dust either), ear plugs, heavy gloves.

    • This post a thought provoker rather than a “this is the ultimate list of essentials”.

      Still, bottles.
      Found under bushes, discarded almost everywhere and you’ll find these little bottles. 1/2 litre easily stuffed in a pocket. Holds just about any fluid from water to fuel. Cut up it opens latches, you can make copy keys from it, a great container for growing mung beans, makes a cup, a minnow trap, and filled with wet sand packs a punch round someones ear. I could go on. Multiuse, useful.

      Fishhooks. Don’t need them for fishing much as I’m after all sorts of eatables. As for fishing line? Well I’ve used wool before now, phone wire, and the centre of paracord. The cordage not so important as the device. Making fishing hooks is difficult despite what “ex-spurts” and bushcrafters claim.

      The lighter. Cheap as chips, scattered through the pockets and pack, reliable, freely available, adaptable into liquid fuel (jail time) or just as a live ember strike using mop cord. The strike wheel can scribe glass enough to weaken it. Flourescent colours make good fishing floats and easy to find in the gloom of evening.

      The bootknife I’ve used for years.
      Two edges, one a 5 degree fine grind and stropped well, the other just sharp. Useful for most tasks (except battoning). Sure it’s a tool with limits and for heavy work I also carry a kukri when in the field, BUT round town, when I’m looking at portraying a fine upstanding citizen? The boot knife sits in my boots I wear most of the time. A blade that is easily concealable is a must in the UK and a hell of a lot more use than a folder.

      Got you thinking though 😉

      • equippedcat says:

        Yes, you can often scrounge something to approximate the function of fishing line or thread. But a good amount of braided fishline is small and cheap; why make things harder on yourself?

      • I seldom do (make life hard for myself). Anyway life as we know it has a habit of doing that all by itself.

        Except don’t forget, I carry an EDC AND a day sack if I deem it necessary. Both of which have plenty of goodies in them.

        Anyway the examples quoted are alternatives to the norm.

        Something I was taught. ‘Always think out of the box’ said a wise man, ‘you never know what may happen’.

        Too many people rely on their ‘kit’.
        In his and my opinion that’s a mistake.

        Ask yourself this, what happens if you lose your kit?

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Two more-
    Good quality fishing line
    Magnesium block fire starter with ferro rod attached or blastmatch type firestarter.
    Lighters don’t spark when wet, tinder and kindling don’t burn when wet- the magnesium block solves those problems.

    • Thanks for your input!

      Fishing line, as just said to Eq.Cat, you don’t always need it or can even find it.

      Ferrocerium I also carry but when walking round a dark building, a little gas lighter gives instant illumination. Ferrocerium just sparks. As for magnesium. Yep, useful. I prefer my little round tin of Vaseline. A smear on cordage makes flammable material into a damn good taper, on shredded cotton makes fire lighter ‘balls’. Or, just stick a wick into the tin and light that. Instant candle.
      Other uses include sealing leaking boots, lubing zips, keeping lips from chapping, and the more mundane well known tasks.

      Got you thinking too, LOL.

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