Austria crops up again.

Who needs a Brexit when Austria may fall first?
Yesterday the future of the coalition government was thrown into doubt after Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner resigned, prompting calls for an election, and that crisis could a huge headache for Brussels as the anti-EU Freedom Party is currently leading in the polls. (Edit)

I thought this might happen after the Austrian government got trounced in the presidential election in December by the Far Right (anti EU) Freedom Party.

Now just imagine if the Freedom Party gain power!
Ausexit comes next and all the foolishness of the French sheeple voting for Macron will be for nothing.

Which will leave the EU in total chaos and the other 26 states facing yet another hike in contributions. Having said that, Spain is still looking a bit sick and Greece isn’t exactly contributing anything is it? I also thought the Greeks may have said “Enough” with the new 140 austerity ‘screw the population’ cuts being forced on them but no.

Well not quite yet.

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