Noisy and Dangerous, “Civilisation”

Three years of a quiet life and now we’re living in a rental in a small town.
Think it’s quiet? No way in hell.
Which is a problem as from living in Nirvana, to the 24/7 light and sounds of civilisation, is causing us pain. How the hell did we as a couple put up with this for 30 years?

So, spider senses are singing and I’m operating in ‘amber’ mode all the time, locking everything, waking up at night to ‘unusual’ noises, then checking for the source.
Lack of sleep? You think!

My basic rule of not letting SWMBO walk the pontoons at night was a safety issue.
Fall in with no one around and you could get into serious trouble.
Now it’s a personal safety problem as I know the dark has all sorts of night crawlers.
So when SWMBO wants to go out for a last walk with the dawg, I go too.
Thus I’m so trading in the dog for a budgy.

Thing is the number of young and elderly who walk the streets at night is clearly indicating to me the lack of personal awareness to safety issues.

A quick list of random incidents with common themes.
Pensioners and violence.

  • A 75-year-old woman has been left with horrific facial injuries after being mugged.
  • A male pensioner, 68, was left with face injuries after he was attacked.
  • A teenage couple attacked a homeless 24-year-old man and repeatedly kicked him in the head as he slept in his sleeping bag.
  • A 82-year-old pensioner was brutally attacked on his own doorstep and ‘left for dead’ after being robbed of his pension
  • A 44-year-old man attacked an elderly woman. Arrested for attempted murder.
  • A road rage thug punched a 76-year-old pensioner repeatedly breaking his cheekbone.
  • As for ‘antisocial behaviour’?
    There were 45 incidents including violence in the last month.

All ‘local'(ish) and listed in the media. Yet it seems that some people are just plain stupid enough NOT TO TAKE basic precautions.

I suppose I’ll become desensitized to it eventually.
Just a little though.
Damn I miss boat living already!

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