Ebola’s made a come back.

The WHO Confirms a Small Ebola Outbreak in Congo
Nine people had been sickened with hemorrhagic fever and two people died.

Elegant isn’t it? The virus I mean.
It goes, everyone breathes a sigh of relief, and up it comes again.
Cured is also a relative term as those infected sometimes have a relapse.
Over a year after being declared clear I read somewhere.

Now I’m not so worried about the bug, more the medical staff who tend to rush in to help.
In particular I’m thinking about the losses of personnel and possibility of infection when they come home.

There is precedent here in the UK for being worried. Three names:-
William Pooley, Corporal Anna Cross, and Pauline Cafferkey.

Anyway, keep it in mind and watch the news in case any aid workers attempt to go there.

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