Sensitive Policing?

An Asian (Indian Born) police officer who raised concerns about a “racist” toy monkey at work was accused of gross misconduct, BBC News has learned. The officer said he found the black animal toy wearing an officer’s shirt at a police station in central London.

OMG, are we now going to see dressed up toy monkeys banned as being racially abhorrent or even offensive to monkey’s?
Just imagine what would have happened to this fools mind if he had walked into this:-

What, totally disrespectful?
The Thai police don’t think so who has begun taking a monkey dressed in officer’s uniform on patrol each day to help improve relations with Muslim separatists.

The BBC went on to say:-
The Asian detective, who has not been named by the BBC at his own request (probably because he stupidly thinks that’ll protect his identity), began legal proceedings against the Met at an employment tribunal alleging he had been racially discriminated against and victimised. But before a full hearing took place the force reached a settlement and agreed to pay damages.

Maybe the outrage and hurt was much more basic i.e. All about the money.

I’m getting old. No, scratch that, I am old.
In the forces, military or emergency services I worked with, everyone had a nickname. It was part of the right of passage. Usually it was something personally offensive, many of them funny, loads got called 8 Ball, we had our resident sand ng’r, my chinese mate was called chow mein, and nobody gave a fk’ about it. We all got called honkies or whatever.

Sure that was racist and “hurtful” to some of the mentally weak, but the world I lived in was a mans world not some politically correct, multicultural and religiously tolerant, cry on the chaplains shoulder while playing the race or religion card place.

If you don’t like what you see or hear, you’ve got two choices.
Suck it up or leave.

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  1. My first word as a child was ‘golly’ as a certain jam was promoting badges of g****w**s.
    Those toys are banned as offensive, so does that mean I would be arrested as a baby today? It’s pathetic.

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