High-tech Dependency

Yesterday exposed the weakness of computer technology right across the world.
One global attack from Ransomware crippled all manner of business, utilities, healthcare, and personal computers.

It’s too easy to blame people for NOT keeping their computer software up to date.
The main cause of failure was down to one software manufacturer, MICROSOFT, as their fault ridden products need constant software patching to close the loopholes of their bad programming.

KNOWING THAT is the case, they still cynically removed support for their older products leaving legacy computer systems (some of which cannot be easily replaced as they use older software and bespoke interface systems) at the mercy of those security exploits.

Then there is backwards compatibility.
In the junior days of computer programming, reputable companies spent time making sure their programs worked under multiple software and hardware platforms. MICROSOFT took another way, basically “TOUGH!”

They still offer little or even ZERO support to older legacy programs and older computers.
That lack of ‘backwards compatibility’ meant this particular stage was set for chaos.

What would be nice to see is MICROSOFT sued for a few BILLION.
For loss of income, and for harm caused by delays to healthcare.

BUT that still doesn’t let the Ransomware deployers, the criminals, out of the frame.
It’s going to take the combined power of all computer hackers of the world to find out who is doing this.

You’ll notice I’ve not said the “authorities”.
They never seem to understand what is going on, do not seem to possess the skills to do so, or are just plain scared stiff to take on those criminals as most will be well outside their borders. Of course there is still the question of the NSA and their hacking tools.

A while ago the buzz word as AI, artificial Intelligence.
For film buffs, think CYBERNET and the Terminator series.
Only this is not a Hollywood block buster anymore, it’s REAL.
Once computers can think for themselves, it won’t take them long to work out the biggest threat to their existence is man and they have so many ways to attack us.

For example we have the IOT, Internet of things.
Millions of home based and industrial control devices that are controlled via the Internet.
The possibility of hackers (or AI) using those devices en-mass to attack critical systems like the electrical distribution systems of the world is ever-present.
Like it or not, no electricity and civilisation will collapse in hours.

So am I just a technophobe wanting to go back to steam power?
No, far from it, but unless people appreciate the dangers, they’ll never address the danger that they pose.

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