Profiteering from suffering

In a radical move that would end the NHS as free at the point of delivery service, top family doctors across Britain will argue that the only way to solve the health service’s crisis in general practice is to charge patients for consultations.

Some of these GP’s get in excess of £100,000 a year, get governments grants in the millions, money from prescriptions and private work, and still pass most of their ‘work’ onto the already stressed hospitals.

Thus Accident and Emergency will be totally swamped for the smallest of things, illnesses left until they become a major problem, and skin and other cancer detection left until it’s too late as some can’t pay!
You see it’s not a case of “reimbursing the elderly and those on low incomes”, doctors!
It’s more a case of NO MONEY in the first place!
Some currently facing the choice of eating or heating, and now the worries about their healthcare. After all the poor will always be more unhealthy than the rich as their lives, their homes, choices of food quality, and general healthcare is normally marred in some way.

I suspect this will trigger a huge backlash against the medical profession, GP’s in particular, and a lot of aggression and damage at surgeries.

I hope their professional indemnity insurance is in place as the number of court cases for malpractice and professional incompetence will be epic!
That and their premises cover will need to be fully comprehensive, all risks.
They will need it.

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