There’s a war coming

Civil war in the US? Some say it’s already started.
People are blaming the gun culture of the US but I’m blaming the political, race, and religious divisions that never went away and have proven conclusively that the politics of appeasement and multiculturalism never worked. As for the US government and their politics? One word TRUMP.

You do know that if he gets impeached street war is inevitable? (IMHO)

As for Europe?
No, not the EU, Europe, although the EU is the root cause of their problems.
You’ve got the street politics of hatred of the EU federalization, the loss of national identity, the trouble caused by the mass uncontrolled invasion of the worlds dross and their individual governments lack of care of the indigenous population.
Thus you have claims by their governments that the Far Right are stirring up problems.
Far Right? What does that mean anyway?
Some say it simply means people with a contrary opinion to what government think.
Wiki says Farright politics often involve a focus on tradition, real or imagined, as opposed to policies and customs that are regarded as reflective of modernism.
Wow! To me it’s just people bucking hard against injustice.
In my humble opinion that’s righteous.

Meanwhile in that backwater called the Untied Kingdom (UK)
The British sheeple slumber (as usual) waiting for the General Election.
That and the Brexit negotiations which will continue until their inevitable failure.

The UK government like to portray us as a nation living in peace, harmony, and tolerance, BUT there is a hell of a lot of rage and hatred here.
The EU for one doing a grand job of fanning that particular flame with their constant Brexit threats and the mass invasion of EU workers PLUS the worlds refugees getting priority treatment for everything.
Both of them taking jobs, housing, and resources, therefore stealing our future.
Add to that is the ongoing trouble with religious and racial matters, taxation, welfare, wages, housing, and ‘Rip Off Britain’ in the shops (courtesy of our government).

Remember all protest by unions and the people has been effectively banned by law.
That and we live in the most invasive surveillance state in the world.
All to protect the UK government’s political correctness and multicultural and religious tolerance appeasement policies.

The kettle isn’t quite boiling yet but it’s getting warmer everyday.

Worldwide I’m still watching NATO.
Their insane poking of the Russian Bear and the almighty mess in the Middle East caused by the West’s meddling. Add to that is the confusion of NATO sharing the same bed as Turkey who are also in league with Russia. WTH is that all about anyway.
Plus the never-ending tale of stupidity the US calls Afghanistan, some of us calling it “Vietnam the Sequel”.

Then there is Korea, China, Russia, TRUMP WARS, the Middle East (Oil), South America, and Africa in general. All of them somehow involved with everything that is going on.

Sigh. Have I missed anything?
Anyway when things blow apart, singularly or all at the same time, I’ll be banking on:-

“The most adaptable and resourceful will survive.”
The only question after that is when will it all start?

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7 Responses to There’s a war coming

  1. I think you just about covered it…

  2. shtfprepper says:

    US civil war? Physical war? I doubt it. War in the media? Sure, for at least the next four years.

    • I dunno about feeling safe mate.
      You were thinking things might kick off a while ago.
      With the Demorats/Antifa still causing problems, can you imagine how embolden they will be if Trump is impeached?
      Polish your steel mate.

  3. jlm990 says:

    There was a time when I would have said physical civil war was not even a possibility. Now I am not so sure. I know for a fact that there are a tremendous number of highly armed and organized veterans, many with combat experience, that are waiting. I think it would only take one serious armed encounter with an ANTIFA group to get the snowball rolling. There are a lot of pent up emotions in this country too. Impeach Trump? Even if the military didn’t support him, one tweet would get him about a million armed militia. Hope my outlook is wrong.

    • So do I my friend and for three reasons.

      It’s bad enough when neighbours go against neighbours i.e. cleansing. Seen that, not nice.

      BUT there is nothing more abhorrant for military to have to turn their weapons on their own.

      Add the police / G men thinking they are the original hardarses up against vets on a ‘mission’?

      My money is on the vets.

  4. Civil war in the U.S.? All I can say with absolute confidence is: No one can predict the future. Based on the daily news of Trump administration incompetence and probably corruption, I am afraid we are in for a possibly prolonged period of political chaos in the U.S. But a shooting civil war? I think highly improbable. I don’t know enough about Europe to speculate. Civil war in the U.K.? Since most U.K. citizens have no access to guns, how are you going to fight? War between/among nation-states threatens constantly. North Korea and the Arab world worry me the most.

    • The weapon of choice for the UK rioter is fire. The cost of the 2011 riots was over £200 million and 5 deaths. None of those deaths from firearms.

      You don’t need guns and when it does progress to people being shot?
      That will be the police shooting and that will lead to an escalation beyond anything you could imagine.

      There are guns on the streets and knives by the million with some people only too willing to use them.

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