You just can’t stop it can you?

The United States launched an airstrike against pro-Syrian forces who advanced inside a “de-conflicted zone” Thursday even though Russia urged them not to, the U.S.-led coalition said.

They were the good guys idiots.
Only not yours apparently.
Be careful what you do America.
Not many people approve of your actions in that neighbourhood.

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  1. Brittius says:

    All this, over a gas pipeline.

  2. Syria is a no win situation. No matter who wins everyone loses. At this point there are no good guys left (if there ever were). The best outcome is that they keep fighting and killing each other instead of focusing their attacks on the west but even that isn’t really working out for anyone except maybe the Russians. These conflicts seem to drain down the number and capability of Chechen insurgents…

    • Bit of a jump from Syria to Chechnya my friend.

      The US-led coalition said the pro-regime forces they bombed consisted of Syrian and Iranian-backed militias and “posed a threat to US and partner forces”.
      So, not only not wanted there, they constantly work against Russian, Syrian, Turkish, Iranian, and Assad friendly forces.
      The US just keeps on screwing the pooch and escalating the danger of retaliation against the US by pro Assad forces.
      Or is that what they want?

      Anyway I thought that was one of Trumps election promises.
      Didn’t he say Sept 2016 that “I want to help all of our allies, but we are losing billions and billions of dollars.
      We cannot be the policemen of the world.” i.e. America First?

      He then gives the more feral US military leadership a free hand?
      WTH was that all about?
      That’s just slipping the chain on a junkyard dog and claiming “It’s only doing its job, nothing to do with me!

      Sidestepping responsibility by delegating authority that’s called.
      Pure stupidity as it will bite him in the butt when the final reckoning is read.
      Especially if the embolden US mil leadership take on Russia directly!

      • Maybe I wasn’t clear. I don’t agree with our involvement in Syria. As you point out it, goes against Trumpet’s campaign promises. It was a civil war, an internal matter and none of our business. It has transformed into a proxy war by several regional and world powers. Still none of our business. We have no dog in the fight and no matter what the US does and no matter who wins they will hate us, work against us and attack us.

        Assad was a Soviet proxy until the Cold War ended (went on hold) and then became a shill for Iranian sponsored terrorism. He did, as did Saddam, protect minority groups including Christians from persecution but he was and is NOT a good guy.

        Hezbollah? Terrorists

        ISIS we know are flat out Islamic terrorists and have delusions of conquering the world.

        The groups we get behind are no better than either ISIS or Hezbollah and are only “good guys” in they oppose ISIS and Assad.

        I have some sympathy for the Kurds in the region but they have not generally liked us either and have their share of black marks as well.

        Bottom line, there are no “good guys.” There are no pro-democracy forces. There are no pro-Western forces. Again, no dogs in the fight. Or, as a friend likes to say, not my monkeys, not my circus, stay out of it.

        As I mentioned above it is now a proxy war between Iran, the Saudis and the Turks.

        The Iranians want to make sure an ally stays in power. They are sending money, troops, proxy troops (Hezbollah) and paying the Russians to provide air cover and special forces. All to ensure their version of Islam and their efforts to dominate (at least the middle east) are successful. The deal the former US leadership made with the Iranians pays for all this.

        The Russians are there to make sure they keep their military base in the Mediterranean and, possibly, add more. They are also receiving money from the Iranians to help bolster their economy and defray the costs of the endeavor. ISIS, especially an ISIS facing Russian firepower, pulls fighters from all over the world. Chechen fighters have flocked to ISIS. Another win for the Russians and what I was talking about in my first response.

        The Turks also see this an an opportunity to gain influence in the region by toppling Assad. It also pulls Kurdish fighters from Turkey where the Turks can attack them at will and gives them more leeway to persecute them internally.

        The Saudis talk about opposing ISIS and Al Qaeda but let’s be honest, they give them money and support on the back end. They are on the “right” side of the Sunni/Shia conflict and are the Saudi equivalent of Hezbollah. The Saudi goal is to topple an Iranian ally or, at least, tie up as many Iranian forces and resources as possible for as long as possible.

        Brutal as it may sound, the best outcome of this war is to drag on as long as possible. Focusing, fighters who would otherwise be targeting the US, and the West as a whole, on killing each other. An actual stalemate would not be as good as rapid sudden gains and losses for each side. Fighters will flock to the winners for their chance at loot, plunder and rape and fighters will flock to the losers to make sure their guys aren’t wiped out. The high tech weapons need to stay in the hands of the Russians, Turks and other government controlled forces so they are less likely wind up in the hands of terrorists land used against Western civilian targets but outside of that leave ’em be.

      • Totally agree with everything you’ve said, especially the bit about “There are no good guys”. No matter what uniform they wear.

        Vive la Guerre éternelle.
        Probably the only honest reason for fighting.

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