What about the Christian kids?

UK Schools are being urged to move revision classes and reschedule physical education to accommodate the needs of Muslim pupils fasting for Ramadan.
A pamphlet published by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), authored by ‘inclusion specialist’ Anna Cole – warns: ‘Young people should be made aware that Islam does not require them to put their futures in jeopardy.’

So why put Christian kids future in jeopardy?
Why do they always have to modify or even break their schedules to accommodate Islam?
After all this is England and not Islam Central (yet).

The balance has gone wrong.
If you live here, you should live by our rules.
After all if you go to a foreign country you have to abide by their rules or pay the price.
It’s only here where the weak minds of academia and the limp wrist politicians make the indigenous population bend to the will of others in the guise of political correctness, multicultural and religious tolerance.

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3 Responses to What about the Christian kids?

  1. Fuck Muslims. Why accommodate people who want Israelites dead like Hitler wanted Israelites dead?

  2. I never once had a non-Christian volunteer to work in my place over Easter or Christmas so I could focus on celebrating these Christian holidays. I have offered on numerous occasions to cover for their holidays or work around them.
    My current company (non-Christian operated) works around this by offering “floating” holidays. We get a certain number of days off each quarter and can use them for the religious or non-religious observations of our choice.
    I prefer that approach.

    • One non Christian firm I worked for stated 3 weeks before Christmas that no one could take time off and was expected to work a full xmas and boxing day shipping parcels.
      How?? Nothing was running.
      Thing is the sheeple workforce agreed. I didn’t and walked out.

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