What’s quiet?

It struck me today, as I was sat watching ducks playing after a noisy 50 mile car trip, I couldn’t hear their chattering.
Then we were back ‘home’ and the back doors were wide open to let the heat out.
Passing traffic, aircraft (we live in a low fly zone), the general noise of a township where there are too many people in too little a space was obvious and loud.

Tell me, do you hear a buzz, tone, or roaring in your ears the whole time?
The witch doctors call that tinnitus.

I bet people who use(d) firearms still can. Them and big township / city folk?

When a gun goes off the level of sound pressure can generate 150 dB at close range.
That peak sound pressure level (PSPL) is an impulse (short duration) noise .
As for explosives?
Peak SPLs range from 125 to 185 dB at distances of 10 to 300 m.
The main power is coming from frequencies that were sub 400 Hz.
They all generate that ‘ringing’ or “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” effect!
Incidently the safe distance is about 50-200 m for all weapons.
And there is you, or him, less than 6 feet away from a pistol, shotgun or rifle, or a popper.
BIG HOLES are ripped in your hearing by unprotected sex whoops trigger time.

Only what about long-term noise?
Living in a large township or city is NEVER quiet.
Take moderate to heavy traffic. You’re talking about 75-85 dB.
85 dB? That’s pain threshold.
The WHO say continuous levels above 40 dB at night or 55 dB during the day generate mental and physical damage which includes tinnitus and large gaps in your hearing.
Ho hum, the price of modern living.

So can such damage repair itself over time? Nope.
In the main you’ll tune out some tinnitus, but once whatever frequency range has been lost, it is gone forever.

Still you can sort of help yourself by understanding that and letting the ear ‘relax’ before putting it to use as (for example) a night walker.

Your keenest senses are (in patrol order) smell, hearing and sight.
All easily swamped. To help them help you, you might consider:-
Smell. Washing with strong soaps, smoking, drinking or eating strong flavours is all bad.
Hearing. A few hours before hand wearing bin type ear defenders helps.
Sight. Wearing wrap round dark glasses or sitting in red light before going out helps.

All that helps to enhance your senses until . . . .
There is a certain sort of truth in the saying that “No op-plan survives first contact.”
Neither does the most sensitive of your most essential senses.

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