It’s not terrorism anymore, it’s extremism.

(BBC) Theresa May will urge world leaders to do more to combat online extremism, saying the fight against so-called Islamic State is “moving from the battlefield to the internet”.

There are two things going on here.
Firstly Theresa May STILL refuses to acknowledge or even name the driving force and religious membership is behind the current terrorism.
Yet she freely uses “Islamic State” in her statements which is, funny enough, made up of Muslims.

It’s known that the UK has a fair few Muslims, some of them battle hardened, fully radicalized, ex-soldiers for IS. She refuses to acknowledge or deal with that. Our judicial system assuring that.

They have a support structure. It’s reasonable to think they too are Muslims.
They must be funded somehow, some of that money could have been raised from within their followers. Again, a reasonable conclusion based on survey results.

Some of them are a known, physical, disrupting, aggressive force within the UK.
Yet she stands there, being politically correct, multiculturally correct and religiously tolerant towards them. PROTECTING them when she should be attacking the problem they present.

Secondly, the UK government’s SOP has always been to deflect attention away from the real problem onto something else that will prove to be very contentious, achieve nothing, and lessen the ways people can protest their displeasure to the UK’s governments actions.

This will once again be the Internet.
(BBC) Theresa May will urge world leaders to do more to combat online extremism, saying the fight against so-called Islamic State is “moving from the battlefield to the internet”. Speaking about counter-terrorism at the G7 summit in Sicily, the PM will say more pressure should be put on tech companies to remove extreme material.

For years the UK government has pushed for Internet censorship.
That’s why all our communications are intercepted, scanned, logged, NOW, TODAY, and will probably be trotted out later as conclusive proof that we are the problem NOT the terrorist organisations which live and operate freely within our once great country.

The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (nicknamed the SnoopersCharter) is an Act of the Parliament of the Untied Kingdom.

It’s powers are wide-ranging but fall short of censoring the Internet.

So away she goes again.
Theresa May won’t tackle Islamic (Muslim) extremism. That’s pretty clear.
Now she’s trying to censor all comment on it by forcing the tech world to remove all “extreme material”.
WTH is that anyway?
Their foul propaganda, or us highlighting their actions, violence, and takeover tactics?
Hows about our protest against the Muslims causing the problem!

The term “Extreme material” is VERY subjective as is protest at a government NOT doing it’s job. The UK government regularly uses the term “Hate [whatever]” to anything it doesn’t like. That and trots out the phrase “Right Wing Extremism” to whatever else it doesn’t like. Still let’s call it what it is, Censorship.

Once again I’m going to remind people that they need to establish peer-to-peer digital communications with the important people in their lives aside from using the general mechanisms the Internet provides.
Sure telephone companies can detect the use of digital devices aka modems BUT with encryption (something else the UK government is trying to outlaw) and burst transmissions from public accessible portals, it will be possible to communicate reasonably securely across the world.

Either that or stock up on postage stamps.
Still interceptable, easily thoughout it’s journey to and fro, but at this time they haven’t passed laws about encrypting content.

Sigh. What’s next, BIG BROTHER ‘eyes’ in every dwelling?
It would seem the logical extention to the CCTV camera heavy world we already live in.

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