Train Police

Armed police seen patrolling trains for first time in history amid fears of further attacks after Manchester bombing. British Transport Police says there will be a ‘firearms presence’ on trains as detectives continue to search for Salman Abedi’s accomplices.

  • London Underground (LU) – a record of over 1.3 billion passenger journeys
    4.8 million passenger journeys per day.
  • London-based Buses – a record of nearly 2.4 billion passenger journeys – over half of all bus journeys made in England.
  • Trains. Around 4.7 million run a day.
    Most of the peak travel within 3-4 hours a day.

All soft targets that might also include:-

  • Schools, there are 8.6 million of them.
  • Colleges and Further Education. 371. Universities 131.

Total number of police is 124,066 full-time equivalent.
Number of armed police?
On 31 March 2016 there were 5,639 authorised firearms officers.
There are a few more now.

Chances of a police presence armed or not covering just 1% that number? Negligible.

So, this is looking really good for private security firms.
Only what chance would they have of successfully countering an attack?
That being an armed lone wolf or even a multi-person terrorist attack?
Them facing bladed weapons, firearms, a bomb, or even a fast-moving vehicle with no more than a mobile phone and a couple of days training?

And they disarmed the law-abiding in the UK because ?????????????

A quote:-
“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:
I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” – President Reagan Aug. 12, 1986

Stay alert,
You are on your own.
Don’t be brave, and
Be ready to run like hell!

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4 Responses to Train Police

  1. Mystified in this era of terrorism to learn that most UK police are still not allowed to carry guns. No wonder they need to mobilize some soldiers. I wonder if the soldiers who are guarding London are carrying weapons? Seems to me that Parliament should immediately, on an emergency basis, authorize all police officers to carry guns, and mandate firearms training for all police! That the UK government has not addressed this situation is as embarrassing for democracy as the US electing Trump.

    • You raise good points again.

      Troops carrying weapons?
      Yes they are.
      Authorize all police to be armed immediately?
      NO, and HELL NO. I’d rather arm the girl guides than some of the police!

      Mandate firearms training?
      Yep, totally agree only (as said) there are a fair few best left making tea.
      So train yes, arm across the board? NO! They haven’t got the discipline and control most troops have.

      Democracy? ROTFL.
      The ultimate lie that sheeple think is real. Add the total denial of anything with a PC, multicultural or Muslim content? Nothing will happen.

      You know politics is a temp job.
      Best not rock the boat, nothing contentious, pass out the plasters and ice cream politics.

      Therefore difficult decisions needs strong leadership but it also needs media and sheeple approval.
      That never happens. The masses are easily swayed and largely deluded.

      Then there is the judiciary.
      Them who seem to live in an alternative universe.

      Any meaningful action is challenged in the courts by minority groups and usually thrown out.

      That’s no different to the states I’m thinking .

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