Dutch politicians cave in.

THE NETHERLANDS today formally ratified a treaty between the European Union and Ukraine that was rejected by more than 60 per cent of voters in a democratic referendum.

After the vote the party’s Ben Knapen, a former minister for EU affairs, admitted they had backed the deal because the Netherlands is not big enough to stand on its own two feet without Brussels. 

What’s worse than lies? Betrayal.
I’m thinking the Dutch leadership will be updating their resumes soon.
That and I’m pretty certain Geert Wilders will be quietly smiling at yet another show of political weakness when it matters.
The political capital for him from that betrayal worth more than it’s weight in gold!

It’s one thing to talk tough to Turkey (which won Mark Rutte the election), but betraying 60% of the population because you’re haven’t got it when it matters speaks volumes.

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