Lying Politicians

If you don’t study body language,
If you can’t hear or read what they say,
If you don’t watch their TV appearances,
If you ignore all the media comment,
And live on another planet,
You might just think politicians are honest and working for you.

And that’s just in the UK.

It’s UK general election time and the B.S. comes in dumpster quantities.
Yet here’s the thing. We have little choice.

  • The Tories, aka The Conservatives, aka The Nasty Party!
    What is there to like about them?
    They hate the poor, spending their time kissing the rings of the rich.
  • Labour, aka Corbyn the Reds, aka The Delusional,
    They give it all away with one hand but take it back with the other.
    Constantly fighting between themselves and with everyone else.
  • Liberal Democrats, discredited during their ‘coalition’ with the Tories.
    Proven liars. They’ll sleep with anyone to get some tiny bit of power.
  • SNP. Scottish National Party, Sturgeons lot!
    Wacko. Want independence and Europe, in a total meltdown.
    Their supporters and population turning against them.
  • Green Party. aka tree huggers, aka wacko’s.
  • And a few more other lame ducks.

Who to vote for?
They are all as bad as each other.
Totalitarian, some communist, most liars, and others delusional.
For the first time ever I’m going to be writing across my ballot paper:-

Hoping for salvation, and wishing for steel.

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