Cold water hand wash.

 Do you use hot or cold water when you wash your hands?
New research suggests that cold water might be just as good as hot water.

Scientists again, stating the obvious but as usual without the background.

To kill bacteria and viruses in water purification you need to raise the water to a rolling boil. 100 Celsius (altitude contingent).
BUT how many of us would then plunge our hands into that heat?
I measured the water temperature in our system.
At 40 degrees Celsius it is ‘uncomfortable’ to keep my hands in the stream.

Then I got thinking.
I, probably you, all use soap when washing our hands.
Few actually scrub the hands too but that’s by and by.
Yet that’s enough for most cases.
Wet hands, soap, rub for a minute or two, rinse, and away you go.
Some drying their hands on towels (a notorious place for bacteria to grow), some on paper towels, others? Well the choices are many from the seat of your pants to those horrible hot air blowers. Bottom line? Wash and dry are best after toileting and before handling food or treating injuries.

Hot water?
Nope, not me, just soap and cold water ESPECIALLY if I’m in a CBRN scenario.
I’m not talking war here incidentally, but consider chemicals from the work place.
Not nice in sandwiches, they are best washed off BUT using hot water opens the pores of the skin and fast tracks any toxins under the skin. Same for pepper (capsicum) sprays. Open the pores and it doesn’t half hurt.

So learned advice from my elders was at best use cold water, at worst use cool water, BUT never, ever, HOT!

Biological nasties from your working are the same.
If you want to kill then, first wash off what you can using soap and water, then using an antibacterial wash most of the rest will get a pasting. Want 100% proof cleaning?
Best of luck with that. You’ll always get most, seldom all.

There, the wisdom of our elders and no scientists were hurt (just offended) by advice given free to us mere mortals.

Now if they were to worry more about curing cancer !?!?!?!?!

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One Response to Cold water hand wash.

  1. I used to work with a guy who was always complaining that the water in the men’s room wasn’t hot (luke warm) and so it wouldn’t kill germs. I tried explaining once that unless you scald yourself you’re not killing them just giving them a tropical vacation…

    Like so many people, he wouldn’t listen to reason or logic. He’s gone now. Stubborn fool that he was, I still miss him.

    God bless.

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