UK set for bust

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for.

  • Brought forward by the forthcoming election and the danger of a coalition government being appointed,
  • The danger of Brexit collapsing before it starts if that happens.
  • The 3 month drop of house prices
  • UK car sales dropping by a fifth after tax changes and price rises,
  • The claim that everyone is in employment,
    Totally ignoring that most people aren’t making enough wages to make ends meet thus are still suffering from increasing personal debt,
  • Personal borrowing and credit has maxed out at unbelievably high levels
    (As Martin Wolf, the Financial Times’s chief economics commentator noted, ‘Excess borrowing by fools would have been impossible without excess lending by fools: creditors and debtors are joined at the hip’). That would be the BANKS (again)!

The scene is set for UK’s second financial collapse.
Oh goodie, and a shucks!
Problem is we don’t owe a penny to a soul and them who do will probably get their debts written off. There’s no justice is there?

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