Forgive them as they know not what to say

It’s in the world’s political manual of what to do when everything is falling apart.
Trump withdraws from the climate change con and everyone from the delusional to the politicians gets angry.

So what exactly are they upset about?
$11.6 Billion per year.
Or, over seven years, $106.7 billion, and the loss of ever-increasing numbers!

No wonder they got mad! No more cash cow.
Yep, I’m saying this B.S. is all about the money.

Rather like the European Union.
They losing the United Kingdom’s contribution.
As for the possible loss of money from the trade in overpriced cars and goods they sell us!
First thing they did?
Threats, demands, orders, and ANGER!

Trump, the UK, both the same.
We can do no right unless we pay in ever increasing amounts!
Understand one thing.
World anger, invasion, wars, or whatever.
It’s always about the MONEY!

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4 Responses to Forgive them as they know not what to say

  1. shtfprepper says:

    There was a discussion amongst some fairly educated folks and the big question was how to stop terrorists. I said “Stop the money, stop the terrorists.” They all looked at me like “Oh, that poor man. He mustn’t be allowed to procreate.” Little did they know I’ve taken courses in domestic & international terrorism, critical infrastructure protection., Homeland Security threat strategy, planning considerations against terrorist activity, and Homeland Security policy & law.

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