Sleezeball Politics

The number of children in workless households has fallen to the lowest level on record in another sign of Britain’s buoyant jobs market.

Behind this is an unfortunate state of affairs of the draconian rules for welfare set by this failed army officer, Tory MP, Iain Duncan Smith.

Because of changes to the welfare rules he brought in, literally millions have been forced to sign onto zero hours contract jobs, i.e. NO GUARANTEED WAGES, forced to go self-employed,  forced into the black economy, or into crime.

Thus the jobless count falls, this sleezeball thinks it’s something to brag about, but child poverty gets worse as now the STILL UNEMPLOYED get little welfare.

May 2017.
Child poverty in UK at highest level since 2010, official figures show.
About 4 million, or around 30%, of Britain’s children are now classified as poor, of whom two-thirds are from working families. Half of single-parent children are poor, with a noticeable surge in poverty over the past year among children of lone parents who work full-time. About 67% of the UK’s poor children are from working families.

“The prime minister spoke about injustice on entering Downing Street, but there is no greater burning injustice than children being forced into poverty as a result of government policy,” said the Child Poverty Action Group’s chief executive, Alison Garnham.

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