WTH is this all about

US sends B52 bombers to UK to bolster defences against Russian aggression. (Fri, Jun 2)

Bolster defenses? How exactly are they going to do that journalists?
Will they stop a cruise missile or even a RHIB with half a dozen russian soldiers landing on the South coast? ROTFL, you guys kill me!
At best the US are just using the UK as a staging post as all their arrival does is increase the attractiveness of the UK as a primary target. Especially if they stay here.

So let them come AND GO, double time, to play their big boyz toys games in Europe.
After all Europe has some pretty big airbases too, they can stage there.
Besides the beers better there.

The media of course always see it differently.
The US Eagle and British Bulldog (puppy) working together to attack the evil empire.

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