Censorship by Big Brother (Google)

Google will let publishers ask people who use ad-blockers to either enable advertising or make a payment to view content without ads.

Well I never, like some media and websites aren’t doing that already!

“Funding Choices” will roll out first in North America, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, Google said in a blog.

OK, I read it and thought so what!
If someone wants to restrict access to their work I just don’t read it, just like I do now.

Then I thought ‘let’s just read that blog’!
Google is also working on an ad-blocker of its own, which will function in its Chrome browser. That will block specific adverts that do not meet Google’s standards.

‘block specific adverts‘. Interesting phrase isn’t it?
do not meet Google’s standards‘. Google has standards?
As for Chrome? Does anyone with half a brain cell still use that?

In my mind such software will be easily re-configurable to block content, effectively applying censorship to whatever ‘standard’ Google (aka the US government) choose.

This falls neatly into line with the idea of world governments wanting to ban encryption, (or at least give them a back door), and force Internet providers to act on the behest of a government removing ‘extremist content’ according to their political whims.

Plus make it harder for whistle blowers and the free press to work!

I would remind people of my thoughts about establishing peer-to-peer communications using modems to directly contact your family and friends.
NOW, before everything ‘nasty’ gets switched on and you lose free speech, free interchange of knowledge, thought, and information, via the Internet.

Either that or start training


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