8 minutes too late

It took 8 minutes to shoot the terrorist bastards down.
That’s 6 life’s worth of time.

13h GMT. UPDATE:- Another soul has been lost so the death toll is seven.

Why aren’t we allowed to carry personal weapons?
One trained person with a firearm could have made a difference.

As for the election?
Theresa May lowered the UK’s threat level in just 4 days after the Manchester Attack.
A SERIOUS MISJUDGEMENT that has cost lives.
Who was the fk’g stupid counter terrorist expert that said it was appropriate, seeing as though the police were still investigating Manchester, raiding houses!
Or was it a purely political decision. My guess is that was the case.

This is the third attack this year.
22 March 2017, 22 May 2017, 3 June 2017.
Total so far for this year, 33 have been murdered by Muslims.
Men, woman, and CHILDREN.
You want an election topic to talk about BBC?
Let’s try Muslim Terrorism.
Only without the pious politically correct, multicultural, religiously tolerant bit!

Tonight there is a big event in London for ‘Manchester’.
Take a flying leap and guess what I’m thinking?
One very target rich environment.
No, not at the venue itself, that will hopefully have appropriate security, BUT as for the approach routes, and transport systems leading to it?
You can’t fully cover people in transit.


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7 Responses to 8 minutes too late

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Offend the terrorists, get killed….. Don’t offend the terrorists, get killed… Politicians say “Let’s just hug”… I believe it’s time to go on a country-wide sweep (USA and England) with and nab every fucker that they have eyes on. If they’ll kill innocents for no reason, then it is time to shoot them first. Period.

  2. ebolainfo says:

    It saddens me that “indepedent” minded people buy the official narrative so easily.
    It is a fact states commit terrorists acts. I have NOT forgotten that Saleh Abdi’s father was an asset in the ousting of Gaddafi. Libyans were allowed to travel freely.
    When you think about the anomaies around 7/7 and 22 May, can you assume BBC/Sky are not pushing a psyop?
    As for personal firearms, I am for trained and registered ownership of firearms but that WILL NEVER happen in a state more scared of its own citizens than real external or imported threats.
    I then look out the OUTCOME. Emotional responses, suspension of electioneering. Cui Bono?
    I’ll laugh my head off if that incompetent western/Arab creation ISIS claims it agents did it.
    The same ISIS that gets Isreali hospital treatment? The same ISIS that is very adept at getting western support in Syria? The same ISIS that is a proxy for land and resource grabs.

    To further underline the incompetent non-threat of ISIS to the nation state. They shot their load early.as thoughtfullyprepping said. I bigger target is the London event. No the Muzlehm terrorats – mispelling intentional – attacked a day before this “holy grail” event.

    ISIS are of NO consequence or effectiveness without direct western collusion or the support of western allies in the Middle East! The Power of Nightmares:.Muslehm terrorats from ISHIT!

  3. jlm990 says:

    To continue to state the obvious would be redundant. I think Trump broke the issue down to it’s basics when he stated “Drive them out” . It’s that simple. Drive them out.

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