Words of Another

Having read and listened to the media reports, it has often been said that the terrorists were known. I guess I’ve led a rather sheltered life as I don’t understand why nothing was seen to be done to prevent these lowlifes from carrying out such atrocities.
But then I suppose the knock on effect is being Politically Correct, respecting Human Rights, and not tarring everyone with the same brush.

I’m a straightforward kind of girl. I have a logical and methodical approach to things, and try to keep my options open. To me, these attacks seem co-ordinated and organised.
I do not like the frequent anger induced in me by current events.
My anger breeds uncertainty and a lack of faith in our Leaders to resolve the issue.

Plus this:-
This is my opinion, confused and naive as it may be. Worldwide, we are living in frightening times as a minority holds us all to ransom for their misguided beliefs.

Enough said? I think so.

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