It’s all about political risk

Theresa May can’t afford another incident.
It’s getting too close to voting day, so:- Theresa May has ordered extra security on London bridges following Saturday night’s horrific ISIS attack.

It would be mighty interesting if someone had already done a risk assessment on London Bridges. What if vehicular attack had been noted!
Bear in mind that this happened after the Westminster Bridge attack with previous knowledge of the European vehicle attacks.

I was asked why the terrorists like bridges.
It’s sort of obvious really.
There is nowhere to run and duck into to get out-of-the-way of vehicles.
It also doesn’t matter what side the vehicle drives on, unless there is a central divider, they have free access to either side (opposing traffic and street furniture contingent).
Maybe there is the occasional lamp-post, perhaps a pillar, but never enough cover.

Only it doesn’t stop there and I’m now thinking about streets.
Even with street furniture (Phone boxes, lamp posts, bus stops, let alone seating), without fencing to stop random access to a pavement, what’s to stop the scum suckers bumping over the kerb?

Anyway assuming one had been done and this threat highlighted but not acted on.
Who thought it wasn’t a good idea to beef up security by something simple like erecting barriers? Money, tourism, counter terrorism, or political stupidity?

Interesting isn’t it.
When you penny pinch or pretend things will never happen, BAD THINGS HAPPEN!


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  1. Brittius says:

    Politicians play in essence, Russian Roulette, with public safety. Sooner or later, the gun goes, “Bang!”.

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